Writing assistance can match the size of your need, and no project is too small. Whether this is an email, a mission statement, a new-member's packet, a website or a book. We can help you put down into words what God is calling you to say or do. We can help you write a sermon or discussion for the topic that's been put on your heart. Do you need help with your testimony? Ghost writing, or even mentoring and direction on how to tell your own story is also available.


It is always good to have a second set of eyes before a message goes out; especially when it's one of God's precious content. We can review, edit, refine and help you formulate what God is calling to be said. Work will be checked for spelling, grammar, flow, Biblical accuracy and ease of understanding - especially taking into account the audience (Col 4:6). Editing can be done using the simple "track changes" option in Microsoft Word to allow you to review all suggested edits and accept or decline as you wish.

Content Support

Perhaps you need content for an event, sermon, or series? Maybe you have a topic in mind, but want additional support to have a comprehensive basis for what God's Word says on the subject. It's easy to get lost in the world of research, especially with so much material accessible, and so little time to spend doing it. Let us help you navigate through and get you quickly to the talking points you need to get His message across effectively.

How We Work

Most work is done remotely and therefore is not limited by geography. Client meetings are available in person (where feasible) and by FaceTime/Skype as preferred.

A retainer may be required depending on the scope of work. Payment in full via Paypal is due prior to final delivery.

Next Steps...

No project is too small. We can help revise, edit or review anything from an email to a sermon series or paper. We can help provide content for your program, and we can help tell your story. Check out the FAQs and then Contact Us for a quick quote.